Thermal Imaging Camera Integration 

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1. How does our thermal temperature screening work?
2. Why automate temperature screening? 
3. Why choose Category 5? 

1. How does a thermal imaging camera work? 

Our Health Canada certified, AI-enabled Thermographic camera detects human eyes and forehead temperature.

It optically finds the human skin-surface, and compensates for ambient temperatures with an embedded algorithm. This combination enables temperatures to be taken for more people, at a farther distance, with fewer false alarms.



Enter the detection area with no action required by person being scanned



Measure human skin-surface temperature without contact, yielding a fast preliminary temperature reading

Identify potential abnormal temperatures


Send notifications and results to designated Screener

2. Why automate thermal camera screening? 

With thousands of employees and customers spread across locations, conventional methods are impractical, costly to operate and unsafe due to the close contact required. Our solution is: 


Uses non-contact camera measurement to avoid physical contact. 


Employs AI detection to reduce false alarms, and can be integrated with other technology


Takes 1 - 2 seconds to scan an individual, and can employ simultaneous group scanning

3. Why choose Category 5? 

Our solution is field-tested by major Canadian and international companies.


It has been certified as a Health Canada authorized COVID-19 Medical Device, with accuracy at ± 0.3°C.

Better Technology:

Better Processes:

  1. Project scoping and site checks to ensure solution is  right-sized for one's exact needs.

  2. Consultation with HR, legal and communications teams on deployment, including creation of custom print assets.

  3. Installing and configuring proprietary packages that get solutions operational within 3 hours.

Better Outcomes:

In conjunction with other symptom detection and tracking methods, our solution can provide early warning signals of individual or group viral symptoms.


Our solution allows leaders to respond quickly to reduce spread and keep stakeholders safe.


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