COVID-19 PPE and Wayfinding

Reduce Risk in High Traffic Areas

Prioritize employee and customer safety in every area of your business – from the cash desk, to manufacturing, transportation and offices – with print and install solutions that work.  

Keep Employees Safe With Proper Equipment

Protect and reduce the spread during close interactions and shared appliances with antimicrobial film, sneeze guards, face masks, counter shields and more.

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Use Interior and Exterior Signage for Clear Direction

Let employees and customers know the safety protocols you have in place through clear signage and visuals before they enter and while they're inside, all printed in house on our large format press.

Featured PPE and Graphics
Floor Decal Stickers

Place on floors, 6 feet apart, to help guide customers where to wait and promote social distancing.

Face Shields

Clear plastic face covering that allows for safer interaction with others. Un-printed or custom printed options available.

Cloth Face Masks

Use to help reduce the spread of airborne contaminants. White and Black available. 

Checkout Counter Shields

Create a barrier for safe customer and employee interactions. Custom sizes and cut outs to fit your needs.

  • print, install, 3M, preferred, large format
  • print, install, 3M, preferred, large format
  • print, install, 3M, preferred, large format

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