Custom Covid 19 Solutions 

There is no one-size-fits-all playbook to handle operations for COVID-19.

Your unique environment is now a constraint, a risk, and an opportunity.

Optimizing every minute of the experience is critical in the coming months.

We have developed an approach to deeply understand how employees, customers and other stakeholders can, will and should move through your space. 

To see how we can elevate your employee and customers' COVID-19 experience with consultation, design and deployment, contact us below.  You can also see our video or you can contact us directly.

Set Guiding Principles:

Ask questions to anchor the project like "what do stakeholders need to feel?" 

Map reality on the ground:

Conduct detailed on-sight visits to understand things like

flow of traffic and floor & wall layout. 

'Walk a Mile' in your stakeholders' shoes:

Use behavioral analysis and conceptualization to build out a design and technology plan with you




Mock-up the program:

Interactively design a robust product and service solution for you


Make magic happen:

Fire up our huge digital printers, precise cutting equipment, and magic wands to bring you awesomeness.

Get it 'over the line':

Deliver, install and inspect quickly and professionally to get your solution functioning. 




Ensure performance:

Do post-installation quality checks and stakeholder analysis to ensure real-world performance. 


Fill out the request form with as much information as possible and an Account Manager will be in contact with you to discuss details and options for your project.


Give us a call or send us an e-mail! 

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  • print, install, 3M, preferred, large format
  • print, install, 3M, preferred, large format
  • print, install, 3M, preferred, large format