COVID-19 Equipment, PPE and Print Solutions

Here's how we can work together

We have developed products and services to reduce the spread of COVID-19.  We will take the time to understand the context and complexity of your challenges, and offer customized solutions.

Although we need to stay six feet apart, we want to work closely with you to keep you and your team safe.


Click through our site, shop our store directly, or connect with us for customized solutions.

This is how we​ can help make your stakeholders safe and comfortable: 

BELIEVE that their health is protected 

  • Installation of Health Canada approved thermal cameras 

  • Customized PPE and antimicrobial surface solutions install

FEEL like they can still have a great experience
  • Spatial design for the customer and employee journey
  • New metrics and feedback programs to evaluate success
KNOW where to go when they're in your space
  • Behavioural driven traffic-management 
  • Fun, engaging, and effective social distancing signage

We offer 3 different services to adapt to your needs

Our Category 5 team has assembled a suite of products, services and technology that help re-imagine the stakeholder experience in our new normal.
1. Thermal Cameras
Explore our thermal camera solutions
2. PPE and Wayfinding
Learn more about wayfinding, PPE and 'ready-to-go' products
3. Custom Solutions
Understand how we can elevate your COVID-19 stakeholder experience


Fill out the request form with as much information as possible and an Account Manager will be in contact with you to discuss details and options for your project.

Give us a call or send us an e-mail! 

We are conveniently located 5 minutes from Aldershot Go and Via stations.

ADDRESS: 1062 Cooke Boulevard, Burlington, ON L7T 4A8

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We are a print shop near you!

  • print, install, 3M, preferred, large format
  • print, install, 3M, preferred, large format
  • print, install, 3M, preferred, large format